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Default Re: Kolster Brandes RV 10 (Crown)

i fitted the mains electrolytics with some jiggery-pokery and exending the wiring to allow me to solder all the connections without removing the tube from the chassis.

I powered up with a 42w lamp limiter ,then with a 150w bulb and saw signs of life, a rustle from the speaker from tuning the volume knob and tuner. Lots of nice glowing valve heaters and no smoke apart from a slight wisp from the dropper. Left the set running with a nice line whistle. Then switched to full mains via a isolation transformer. No light from the tube and the U26 EHT rectifier valve is cold with no signs of a lit heater. I checked the U26 which seems to have heater continuity and the valve base looks OK. So it could be the LOPTX heater winding?

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