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Default Private Message permissions

Due to a couple of incidents of people signing up and sending spam by PM while never using the forum (the most recent example being "einstein" who I banned earlier today), we have made some changes to the PM permissions.

As you may know, users already have their first few posts queued for approval by a moderator before they appear in the forums. This is effective in stopping spam in the forum, as none of the spams ever get approved and the user gets banned when we find the messages in the message queue.

Now, until a member has one message approved in the forum they will not be able to send or receive any PMs.

They will then have a very small PM storage limit of just 5 PMs until they reach the level that their posts no longer require approval. At this point their PM storage limit will increase to 100 PMs, then at 10 posts it will increase to 500 PMs.

If you receive any inappropriate PMs (other than from einstein, who we have already dealt with), please forward them to me or one of the moderators and we will take appropriate action.

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