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Default String & superglue

The only 3.5mm mono jack I could find the other day was one on a defunct PCB. Out with the solder sucker and off it came. I found that its strength came from being attached to the PCB and the back part of it came off with the slightest provocation.

Managing to reassemble it I found that I could bind it with light gauge string and hold its end with a large bulldog clip. Two applications of superglue now keep the string completely in place and it's certainly strong enough to take the jack plug being inserted.

I've now taken the idea a stage further: the job of the jack is to go in the end of an XLR plug. I've enlarged the hole and bound the jack in place with string which currently has its first application of superglue. More later today.

I'd never thought of this before and thought it might be useful to others.
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