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Default Re: Question on Recording speeds

Originally Posted by G6Tanuki View Post
There was a distinct reluctance by UK record-player-makers (like EMI/HMV) to acknowledge-and-embrace/adopt the US RCA-inspired '45' - there's a good discussion about this in "The Setmakers".

AFAIK it was the 12 inch LP that EMI were depressingly slow in adopting - a full 3 years behind Decca. However, their longstanding relationship with RCA led to them importing the neat little RCA 45rpm changer unit pretty early on, I believe as a kit of parts for UK assembly where they were fitted with a 50 Hz motor and branded HMV. I have one in my collection which works well now that Iíve fitted it with a Chinese red/black ceramic cartridge.

Thereís an old thread on this topic:

A little-discussed feature of the RCA changer is its frighteningly fast speed in changing records. I guess that the aim was to compete with the continuity of the 12 inch LP by having the shortest possible interruption between 7 inch discs.

It may be that HMV were aiming to compensate for their tardiness in adopting the LP by filling the gap with 45s, but whether they actually issued 45s before LPs I donít know.

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