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Default Re: Question on Recording speeds

The attached article from Audio Engineering 1949 March provides additional background on the RCA 7-inch, 45 rev/min disc. It was written before RCA had released much technical information – that came with the article in RCA Review 1949 June.

The RCA disc was compared (favourably) with the Columbia 7-inch “LP”, which was evidently the latter’s answer to the RCA development. It was not compared with the Columbia 10- and 12-inch LPs, for reasons given in the article.

An interesting aspect is that the early work on microgroove, vinylite records was done pre-WWII by RCA, with René Snepvangers as the key engineer involved. The work was suspended during WWII, then revived afterwards. Snepvangers had moved to Columbia by 1944, where, working with Peter Goldmark, he developed the LP. So the LP and the RCA 45 really had a common technical origin.

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