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Default Re: Question on Recording speeds

There was a distinct reluctance by UK record-player-makers (like EMI/HMV) to acknowledge-and-embrace/adopt the US RCA-inspired '45' - there's a good discussion about this in "The Setmakers".

Despite their resistance, it really came down to "content is king" - 45s, rock-and-roll, the convenient ability to stack-up 7-inch 45s on an autochanger won the day.

OK, some of the first 45s were horribly pressed on scrap-value vinyl and first-generation styli would mess them up after a few dozen playings - but who cared? This was 'top-twenty' music and the 7-inch Buddy Holly 45 you bought last week is now history because you've just got both the newly released Elvis 45 and The Shadows latest to play to your friends this weekend !!
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