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Default Re: 1 Meg ganged log pot

Hi Edward,

Many thanks for your message and much appreciated kind help.

The model is a BBH and the valve line up is ECC83, EL42, and EZ41. The tone pot is a single gang tone control. (which has little affect on the tone)

I have changed all relevant caps, replaced bad valve connectors in the valve bases, (very time consuming) and now all is ok except for the vol. pot which despite several shots of switch cleaner, after a short time, becomes very noisy again, this is why I thought it may be the best bet to replace it.

The only problem so far is the new pot shaft is a little too short, so I'm now trying to find a pot shaft extender, but no luck so far.

I have tried Will at Bowood, but he doesn't stock these.

Once again many thanks for your kind help, all my kindest regards,
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