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Default Re: Sync Signal Generator for 441 Line TV System

Hi Semir
FPGA's are truly incredible devices and worth getting to know.
As an example when I was building my converter using a PIC I intended being able to produce both 4:3 and 5:4 output. To do this I would need to change the pixel frequency. My plan was to use a AD9850 to produce the pixel clock.
This would require building the hardware, learning how to program the AD9850 and programming the PIC to program the AD9850. Which would take a few hours to do all of that.
The same can be done within a FPGA and only takes a couple of minutes to write the three or four lines of code to do it.
ppppenguin (Jeffrey Borinsky) on the Golborne Vintage Radio forum introduced me to FPGA's and very generously thought me a lot about them.

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