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Default Re: Sync Signal Generator for 441 Line TV System

Hi Semir
The development software is Altera's Quartus and is free. There is a link to the download page for the software that I used on the Hedghog web page. The FPGA that I used is an older one so I had to use an older version of the development software as it is not supported on the newer versions.

The development board used in Hedghog costs around 12 euro from china and a board plus the USB blaster used to program it costs just a little more. Trying out FPGA's is not expensive.

The development software accepts VHDL, Verilog and Schematic entry. VHDL was the language of my choice. Schematic entry is drawing the circuit you want and the software then implements it. It is OK for very simple designs and for building up a bit of confidence with FPGA's without having to learn a written language. It would be very difficult to do something as complex as a standards converter with it.

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