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Default Grundig 3060 75% perfect, help !!

Hi All,

I have created many threads in restoring a dead 3060. After replacing the ECC81, EBf89, ECH81, the radio is just booming on AM. (SW is fanstasic with just a wire). Waiting for an EL84..

I adjusted V and IV, which are the top and bottom coils which are towards the rear cover. The adjustment of the top coil, increased the sensitivity of SW by 1000% and i am very happy..all AM bands now.. just a short wire and i can pick all of europe, and i am in melbourne.


FM used to work, but was low in volume. I seem to have killed it at some point, and now its dead !!

I need some help to understand if the capacitor i melted could be the cause.

I think the melted capacitor is either C36 (10pf) or C41(100pf) as coil e, d is at the dial end (adjusting the rear most coil affected only AM)

Can someone PLEASE tell me what "dial side" coils "e", "d", do ? i think they are FM ? and cause i melted the rear cap, its no longer working.
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