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Default Re: KB FB10 'Toaster'

Hi Andy,

I've extracted the chassis of my FB10 (114331), but it seems only to add to the confusion

(2) The only .001uF Hunts component (which does look very like the one in your photo, even as regards lead lengths - and yours definitely is a .001uF) is C1, to the aerial socket: C2 in mine is a variable ceramic type, mounted on the chassis flange 'twixt tuning knob and wavechange switch as in the photo of Darren's set.

(3) I've looked at the photos, and can't see R2 clearly on any of them. R1, 22k to an earth tag, is quite conspicuous. R2 in my set is 220 ohms as per the circuit, and resides, on long leads, beside the aerial and oscillator trimmers, with one end connected to the same valve base tag as R1 and the other to the tuning condenser above the chassis.

(4) Opinions as to the best value of the rectifier surge limiter R13 seem to have fluctuated The circuit gives 113 ohms, your set has 150, mine has two 150 ohm resistors in parallel...

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