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Default Re: Request for a 32 (and if possible a 30) line standards converter.

Originally Posted by ppppenguin View Post
If Kat is following this thread, then her approach using a PC might be very relevant. I reckon you would use the audio output of a sound card rather than the video output of a graphics card.
I am and that's what I was thinking of...

I've thought about doing live conversion. It's definitely possible, but I'm wondering if there's much value in it, to be honest. Given the aspect ratio and greatly reduced resolution, my idea was to write software for off-line conversion.

The idea is this. You load up a movie file to convert, then program a "pan and zoom track" alongside it as the movie progresses. Once you're happy with the framing of the movie, you export the movie as a multi-channel audio file containing sound and picture.

A 5.1 sound card has 6 audio channels; so it'd be possible to store and output R, G, B; a sync signal and stereo audio if needed...

Doing this will mean writing software from scratch. The MythTV-based FotH TV System uses software which already exists and was already doing almost what was required, so didn't take a lot of work.

It's something which might happen in time. It's yet another interesting thing on my list of things to play around with; but I haven't built or acquired a mechanical television set yet and I have many other projects on the go.

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