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Default Re: Request for a 32 (and if possible a 30) line standards converter.

Hi Peter,
I have investigated creating a dedicated converter for this based on the low cost design. Doing some preliminary work, it would cost $205 including shipping (about 105 right now with the dollar so low). It would be capable of PAL/NTSC input and 30 Baird/32 NBTV output. I would have the options for positive or negative polarity output and gamma correction. I would remove all the audio and RF circuitry from the existing design. I could also include the ability to do the framing through a push button like I do on the Multi-Standard which makes framing the image much easier.
Unfortunately there have been a few postings about this on the NBTV site and elsewhere with no feedback to date, so I haven't taken it any farther. If there is sufficient interest in such a device, I would be happy to make them. Since they would need to be a special build from the regular low cost converter, I would have to get a fair idea of how many to make. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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