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Default Re: The TELSTAR Videotex Service

Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post
As mentioned by John Newcombe in this thread, the system can be accessed from a V23 modem on 01756 664433, though I haven't had a chance to try it yet - other than to confirm that it does appear to give the right sort of whistles when rung.
The only thing that I would mention is that from the 14th November 2020 the dial-in service will be switched off as I am moving house during the following week and I will have to package up the modem rack for the removers. If all goes well it will be down for a week, if we end up in temporary accomodation, then its anyones guess.

TELSTAR can always be accessed over the internet using a WiFi modem or whatever as the main system runs in a data cenre in london as close as I could get to Baynard House.

see for more details.
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