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Default Re: Cathode follower line out - best practice

Took a look at the Revox G36 as suggested. Reproduced the relevant parts in the attached.

Seems they used an ECC83 CF to drive the VU meters. 220V HT, with 2.2K and 10K in the cathode load. Vk at 10V, DC block output cap 40uF. For the VU meter his did not need to be super linear.

Also another ECC83 CF on each of the ext. line outputs. 190V HT, with 1.2K and 56K in the cathode load. Vk at 45V, DC block output cap 180nF
There is some feedback to the earlier stage via 10K

Both using the self-bias method to the tapping point between the cathode resistors.
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