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Default Re: Servicing 'Secret Listeners' radios in the 2nd World War

Having just acquired an ex-Royal Navy transmitter adaptor that fits inside the the top lid of a B28/CR100 communications receiver I have been researching this unit. I came across info about a RN service called the RN Volunteer Wireless Reserve and a page from a post-WW2 edition of Wireless World is attached.

Unlike the VIs, who only listened, RNVWR personnel could have radio equipment issued to them to allow them to participate in nets using RN frequencies. Judging from the photo, there was a variety of kit, including the 5G transmitter and the HRO receiver. If I read the article correctly the RNVWR also had Wireless Mechanics in the ranks and presumably they may have been used to maintain sets at bases and homes, although I note the home operators were paid 3 pa for maintenance costs.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone who served in the RNVWR and the home stations they used. I notice that the manual for the adaptor mentions Band 1 TVI filters being fitted to the transmitter, a subject a lot of amateurs would be familiar with!


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