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Default Re: Anyone going to the Telford/G-QRP rally on 1-9-2019?

It was good seeing so many people, heads down, building something. If I'd thought, I should have brought the portable spectrum analyser along for the buildathon.

The rally, as many do, had tables in big squares with tons of space inside the square, while in the aisles between the squares, the punters couldn't move. But one of the Telford club people was making notes, so it may be improved next year.

Will I be back?

Not sure.

The G-QRP aspect was fine, but it's a long way for me, and the rally itself was almost all component or junk stalls. I thought the agents for the big-three turned up at rallies south of the border! There was a lack of the variety I'd expected. In the end, I'd only bought food and water. Maybe I'll try Blackpool next year.

Stayed at the Queen's in Horton, just a few miles away. Seemed a bit pricy but it came out cheaper than the internet price including an evening meal. Quality was top notch. I was travelling for fun not business, so I was in holiday mood not cheapskate mode. I'd recommend the place highly.

I enjoyed Colin 'VTTs talk on offshore pirate ship life.

Many years ago, i think it was on 'ROO's 50th birthday, George Dobbs and myself had gone down to Dover and along with Dick Pascoe we were having a wander round the area. We called in at KW (which was still going then) and VTT was working there. We wandered in and the usual banter and leg pulling ensued, then we realised VTT wasn't joining in. He'd just been given his redundancy papers that morning, and it had been a job he'd loved. Colin is a really nice chap and has given a number of interesting and amusing talks at QRP doos.

A birthday present for ROO was a bit of a problem. Just what do you get for the chap who has almost everything on the radio front? I thought him unlikely to have a hand-cranked CB power microphone (see, ecologically sound!) but one couldn't be found in the shops, so I had to make one.

All told, a great bunch of people.

Can't afford the volcanic island yet, but the plans for my monorail and the goons' uniforms are done
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