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Default Re: SC/MP Kit / Introkit info

Originally Posted by Cobaltblue View Post
I put together several development microprocessor kits between 1975 and 1978 including Intel 8080, Motorola 6800, Fairchild F8 and a processor you never hear about these days the RCA Cosmac CDP1802A. I don't think I ever dealt with an SCMP although I remember lots of articles about them. I had moved on to the Z80.

The only one I still have a complete example of though is the Motorolla. I did a Motorolla Semimar with the rest of the team attendees being given a development system I built and played with mine but one of my colleagues wasn't interested so I has his as well I still have it unmade after 43 years.


Mike T
That's nice! I bet the chip collector guys (I used to be one!) would bite your hand off for that. I wonder how the pins are holding up in the foam after all those years...
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