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Nice work! I've done various homebrew power-supplies/test-gear/accessories in wrinkle-finish (I have a bit of a thing for the WWII/1940s-industrial aesthetic - my latest is a mains-filter in an Eddystone diecast box intended as an analog to the Eddystone "Cat 732") and with a good 'key coat' the wrinkle sticks well enough.

Time spent on surface-preparation before applying the top-coat is always time well-spent.

I'd suggest making sure it's really fully-dried [ideally a week or so] before you handle it too much or in your enthusiasm start fitting controls, meters etc - the paint remains slightly soft under the skin for some time and it's easy to inadvertently snag/tear the surface. Always use washers under all fastener-heads too - this stops the surface tearing-up when tightening.
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