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Default Re: What componenets do you keep in stock for repairs etc.

Originally Posted by John10b View Post
The first thing I would ask is what do you repair? I used to repair TVs, Radios, Tape Recorders, Record Players, Microphones, Amps and many domestic appliances. Consequently I would keep a wide range of components in stock.
Now in my retirement i only restore for my own pleasure and as a consequence i only keep a few popular components. I can very quickly get most bits that I need by return of post.
Yep I should have said - like you retired and mostly repair/fiddle with/ build vintage radio or test instrument gear although I stretch to transistorised things but not as far as smd gear. My problem is we are not quite as well served by postal things here in NZ as you seem to be - here you can quite easily get a note 5 days later 'sorry we don't have that part in stock and next supply is expected in 6 months time'. The overseas suppliers are great but can cost - I wanted some specific value/voltage electrolytic caps recently and they were .08 cents each - BUT the postage was $25.00!!!
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