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Default Re: IMOGen Test Card & Teletext Generator

As mentioned previously, I've re-coded a selection of original Teletext pages for use with IMOGen - currently 16 in all.

There is also a small, self-contained Windows viewer application that allows them to be viewed on a PC for selection purposes prior to programming.

If anyone would like to take a trip down the Teletext memory lane themselves, then this application can be download from here -

Just extract the two files contained in the zip file to a new folder - double click on the executable to run it, then load from the "File" menu. The upper menu bar navigation options will then become active and are fairly self-explanatory.

Hope you enjoy the nostalgia!

PS: For those who already have an earlier copy, this version (1.07) has correct implementation of double height control code emulation and so displays the Engineering Test Page correctly. It's probably worth replacing your previous version
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