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Default Grundig TK9 (TK12) Unidirectional pulley springs failure. Expert help needed please

Hi everyone,

I have rescued a beautiful Grundig TK9 which I got it all working after spending hours recapping it, fitting a new pinch roller from another machine (had to make a new bushing to fit it) and so on and after almost finishing the job happily to start using it, the UD drive pulley springs suddenly failed on me. They unravelled and tried to refit them but to no avail as they got deformed. I spent hours yesterday trying and trying to rescue them but sadly I am out of luck.

This model makes use of bi directional playback and recording hence the mechanics of it all with these clutches and pulleys. It looks to me that i need to have 4 springs made to rescue this machine, 2 wound in clockwise and the other 2 anticlockwise. I do have a lathe and can have the patience to wind these springs even though i never did such a task however I need some help please, unless someone has been in this situation already and has made these springs to rescue a similar situation.

I measured the springs' diameter and thickness of the material however I do not know the exact length of how long they should be. I guess they have to be roughly 18cm and 30 cm long (2 of each). I attach photos and some description which I took from the Hellyer's book.

Any assistance is hugely appreciated to get this beauty back and running, especially as so much time was spent to restore it.

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