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Default Re: Trio TS711 low or no RF power output

It would seem I have not quite got to the bottom of this problem yet as my radio developed a mind of it's own the other day.

It had been a rock stable 25 watts but the weather has warmed up here and turned the radio on to be greeted with around 10 watts, the room was not very hot but warmer than it had been.

Your not going to like this and I would not mess with it if your not confident.

L10 which couples the T IF signal into the RF drive strip has a small tubular capacitor built into the coil base. I couldn't get my meter to give me any kind of sensible reading on the value of it and the coil was very sensitive to the slightest change in temperature.

After a lot of digging around I found the TR9130 uses almost exactly the same circuit and the value of the cap is 39 pF. I have changed it in mine but be warned it needs a lot of care! Also I had to completley re-align the entire strip

I am monitoring the results and will report back if I find more.

Simon - GW6TKK
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