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Hello all.
I have not forgotten you Dave. I had a look in my shed today to find one of the books I have that I think will have a circuit of your recent butt.
I finally got to the books but the one I was looking for was not there. (Expletive deleted.)
I could give you info on cable laying, building ducts under roads and tool safety as well as a lot of info on aerial lines but no "substation equipment handbook".
I will look further tomorrow if I can put away the stuff I dug out today.
You are a terrible man Dave.
Just joking.
I have not touched this stuff for probably 20 years and I thought I was over this addiction.
I guess not.
It's your fault I am going to take a 400klm round trip on Monday to an auction to hopefully get a couple of butts.
I mentioned our conversation to a friend and he informed me of the auction in Tamworth so I am going to see what I can get.
All good.
Cheers, Robert.
Forgot to mention that the new dial looks good.
Not sure if you have worked it out yet but if you press the red button in and turn it slightly to the right it will stay depressed. Slight turn to the left and it returns to normal.

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