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Hello Dave.
The Butt you are discussing is more than likely from Australia.
I have about a half dozen of them here put away in boxes.
I can not remember much about them but if you want me to I can dig for a while and find some of them and the info.
I do have a circuit or two if needed. Again buried like so much of my stuff.
The dial on yours is not original.
The mouthpiece could be original as there was a change to these to give a more rugged one.
I can not remember the markings on my ones. I think they were made by the Australian Post Office (APO marking) and some might have been made by STC (Standard Telephones & Cables)
Contact with the Australian Telephone Collector's Society could well produce a lot more information.
If you need more info I can help given time to dig stuff out.
Cheers, Robert.
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