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Default Re: Ekco T221.

Normally these are the easiest sets to get going, however this one is proving to be the exception.
After replacing the boost capacitor other strange things started to happen.
The line oscillator would not start up unless it was shocked into doing so, like switching the set off and on a few times. This action would usually get the line oscillator started. Another problem is the line drive waveform was not continuous taking the form of bursts. Squegging in fact.
The EHT spark is also very weak. Well I've never replaced a line OP transformer in these sets but what about the scan coils? These have been disconnected and now there is a flame like spark present at the anode of the U25 EHT rectifier. Also the squegging has stopped and now there a continuous line drive waveform present at the grid of the 20P4.

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