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Post Re: PCMA001S Variable Inductor Coil Identification/Replacement?

Originally Posted by Jon_G4MDC View Post
T7, It seems to be a 10.7MHz IF Transformer with coupling winding.
Part of the SSB IF / demodulator feed.

It should be possible to deduce the winding connections from the trackwork and then look in catalogues (Toko etc) for something that matches. Or someone here might have the parts list if you are lucky! These sets have come up before.
Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
An important detail in the OP is that VP has another one of these. If so, it may be possible to look at the corresponding part in the original one and read the manufacturer (Toko's?) part number which is often stamped in a circular ring around the top of the can.

Just having that number would be a start: Then would begin the worldwide search for a replacement, should one still exist somewhere. If you can't find one maybe there are old Toko data sheets which state the electrical characteristics.
Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
If the manufacturer's part number is not stamped on the top of the coil it may be printed in black down one of the sides of the can (on the corresponding coil on the working set).
Originally Posted by Jon_G4MDC View Post
Haha well done Sirius_HW. I missed that obvious point didn't I!

I think that coupled winding is going off to a detector for AGC +Smeter but I didn't look in any detail.
Hopefully fairly non-critical.
Sorry, thought I'd included that info... the can/coil in the other radio only has HTX-456 stamped in black on it, Was the first thing I did and then started searching without any luck!

It's roughly 7mmx7mmx12mm or so...

Is it actually a Variable inductor coil?
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