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Default Bespoke HQ 3D Printed Front Panel up to Approx 150 x 150 x 4mm - 20

Not sure if this is appropriate to list here but I know you guys (and gals) build your own electronics projects into ready made project boxes.

To avoid having to design your lid layout, then drill holes in the lid, print an overlay to indicate what the knobs and sockets are for, etc., you could instead send your project box lid to me, plus a drawing of the layout, and I will 3D print a replica lid with holes in the right place and raised/embossed text to give the enclosure a really professional look.

You can give me dimensions and a jpg drawing if you just want a flat panel and I will then send you the 3D printed panel, but if it's for a specific project box then I would want you to send me the lid itself (or preferably the entire empty project box) so I can create a lid that fits perfectly. With so many available boxes I don't or couldn't stock them all.

The project box lid, or panel, will be complete with holes as per your measurements, and text to suit. Your original project box/lid will be returned, of course.

PM if interested. More than happy to 'to and fro' via PM to make sure you'll be getting exactly what you need but I would require payment before I commence as I do have a busy schedule at present.

Currently available in Black ONLY.

Hope this is of help. And appropriate to offer here, of course...
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