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Default Re: Brenell Purchases

Mk. 5 Series 2 Update.

Everything connected back up with new 470 Ohm 2 Watt resistor (original had gone open circuit) and two new 47uF 350 volts axials (originals measured OK) temporarily mounted on topside of the power supply.

Reconnected the output winding centre tap (green wire) to correct side of the 47 Ohm resistor and the white/pink wire (thought to be the screen of the mains transformer) to the other side (earthed side) of the 47 Ohm.

Rechecked all connections/wires looking for anything that might potentially intermittently short down but all checked out OK.

Powered up and all measurement as before, left running for well over an hour with no change, the various HT resistors were barely warm to the touch at the end.

Tomorrow will reconnect the tape deck and hopefully will be able to do more operational checks.
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