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Default Re: Brenell Purchases

When it occurred there was zero current/voltage monitored at the HT connection into the amplifier, which seems odd. This is the only connector really involved, have already closely inspected that connector/pins with nothing untoward seen. I felt (with my finger) the two 10k resistors (including the one that previously got a bit cooked) which connect directly off the HT input to the amplifier and they were cold, that still leaves the direct HT connection to the output transformer circuitry but because there was no voltage/current seen think more likely the issue was at the power supply end.

Seems very strange even if the fault occurred at the power supply end, would have thought would have seen some voltage at the amplifier HT input.

Have visually inspected the wires in the cables from the power supply to the amplifier connector all look good, at both ends at least, will have to meggar them.

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