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Default Re: New Aurora converter - help wanted with review

Originally Posted by ppppenguin
...I've already looked on the analyser and seen loads of harmonics which don't matter in a closed circuit environment. ...
Hi Jeffrey, the problem is to suppress noise in the channel and a few MHz
up and down. If you have a 50% white screen there should be no moire
visible. The suppression of noise in the channel should be much better than
60dB against peak white.
To put the modulator and converter in one box is not easy!
An unfair trick is to blow the modulator level to more than say 95dB and put an attenuator in front of the set. I am not sure about the motorola IC stand
alone on the low VHF frequencys. The results of the axing there don't make
me optimistic. But axing is not aurora

Kind regards

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