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Default Novice's guide to posting pictures in the forums.

This thread relates to all types of attachments, however as pictures or images are the most common type of attachments we'll concentrate on those. Before uploading an attachment you should make sure the picture size or file size does not exceed the sizes allowed by the forum software. The maximum file sizes permitted are as follows:-

.doc 1.00 MB
.gif 200.0 KB 800 X 600 pixels
.jpeg 200.0 KB 800 X 600 pixels
.jpg 200.0 KB 800 X 600 pixels
.pdf 4.00 MB
.png 200.0 KB 800 X 600 pixels
.rtf 1.00 MB
.txt 100.0 KB
.zip 4.00 MB

The file size of pictures can be reduced, before uploading, by using a photo editing package. Oversize images will automatically be reduced by the forum software, but if you have a slow internet connection it will take a long while to upload five 4 Megabyte images and the upload may well time out!

Make sure you know where your images are stored on your PC, as you'll need to locate them later. It's a sensible idea to create a new folder for these images; maybe below "My Pictures".

Rename the files for easy lookup. DAC90 underchassis.view.jpg is better than Dscf00334.jpg.

Note that you cannot upload the same image to more than one post, even if you change the file name. You'll need to crop the image slightly to allow it to be uploaded again.
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