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Default Re: HV regulation.

Finally got round round to building a HV PSU using valves this weekend, see att for schematic. It worked straight off without any mucking about which surprised me. I used what valves I had to hand. The 12E1 is overkill for a 300v 40mA ish supply but I wanted a beefy octal valve, anyroad it works.

Performance isn't too bad, 20mA ripple, which could be further filtered prior to any high gain stage as is normal. Another positive is that it's slow powering up, negatives that you can't bung loads of capacitance on it to surpress ripple.

Some questions, re the two pentodes/b tets G2 max, 100v for the 6BR7, 300v for the 12E1. I presume this is 100v with regard to cathode? That's be 60v ish for the both at present. Are there any things I've overlooked or any mistakes?

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