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Originally Posted by Oldcodger View Post
An idea I've only seen applied to KV regulation ( as used on submarine cable PSU) is to use saturation of the core via a second winding to keep the transformer output volts stabilised. The two systems I have in mind fed circa 500mA at a few KV regulated on cables carrying approx five 12 channel groups at 3khz spacing with other circuits. Th idea is that as output volts from the transformer rise, the saturation current is increased to make the transformer less efficient and thus reduce the output volts.
It's called a magnetic amplifier.

Careful design of the core and where windings are located is used to inimise coupling of the AC power into the DC control winding.

Saturable cores are also used to make variable high power inductors. Resonated ith a capacitor it can be tuned onto or away from resonance at the operating frequency to regulate an output.

These can be used to individually regulate each output of a multi-output switch-mode supply. The variable inductors go under the name 'transductors'

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