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Default Re: Vintage Radio Auction Chorley 9-6-19

Yes, well done everyone. Didn't it go well? Sweet as a nut, that was! Drove home after the event, home and asleep by 1am, so nothing to moan about there, either. (As we went past Warrington we could just make out, through the sheets of rain, a lone "old geezer" building an ark!) It was great to meet everyone again, and to find that we're all still up walking around and in with a chance. Thanks to everyone involved from start to finish. What a team! Majestic, truly majestic!

The next job is to break up all those old clappers still in the corners of the sheds. You know the ones; they only stay in one piece because the woodworm hold hands!

I'm doing an auction for someone else tomorrow and Wednesday. Just helping out, you understand. After that I'll do the books and send out the cheques to the sellers.
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