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Default Re: Radiomobile 108S help!

I'll look out my copy of the manual, and can PM you the relevant pages-the manual covers 106S & 106SN/P (Both 8 track Players only) and 108SR/108SRN/P (These have MW?LW Radio as well as the Cartridge Player. (N/P, btw, simply means that these versions can be set to either Negative or Positive Earth, the others are Negative Earth only, but otherwise identical. As to the drive belt, I may have something suitable, but don't know offhand the dimensions, otherwise a suitable flat belt may be obtainable from the likes of Farnell, CPC, Rapid Electronics, etc, or from an eBay Seller. An easy way to determine the circumference of belt needed is to wrap a length of drive cord or thin string around the motor pulley and flywheel, then measure the length. Dividing this by 3.1412-the approx. value of Pi, will give you the diameter required. The belt width, IIRC is ca. 4 to 5mm., and thickness 1mm, the latter is not too critical.

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