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Default 1972 Rolls Royce with Radiomobile deck...

Hi Guys,

Thanks to the able assistance from forum members I got my 8 track deck working.. A few transistors int the output stage and one on the preamp board and all is well....

Upon installing it into the car, if I move the balance control of either the deck, or the radio to one side I get no sound, if I go the other extreme I get sound from all 4 speakers. It seems like there is wiring issue in the car since both the deck and the radio exhibit the same symptoms.

There is an interface board in the center console that has a relay on it that switches the speakers from the radio to the 8 track deck. I think that's were my problem might be as it was messed up when I got the car.

What would help me is a picture or a schematic of that interface board! I've done a lot of research on the internet, but can't find that at all.

The car is a 1972 Silver Shadow, left hand drive, with a serial number over 14,000.

Thanks in advance...
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