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Default Re: Radiomobile 108S help!

I can't help with the wiring in the car, but I do have the service manual for the 106S/108SR - didn't know there was a model 108S - the 108SR includes a MW/LW Radio, whilst the 106S is purely a stereo 8 track player. If you PM me your contact details I can e-mail you a copy of the service manual. The audio amp. in these is a complementary symmetrical type, so, with respect to chassis (Negative Line) there should be +13v on the collectors of the two AD161 Transistors, 0v on the collectors of the AD162s, and definitely 0v on the speaker wires, since an electrolytic capacitor of, IIRC, 1000uf, is used to couple the emitters of the AD161/162s to the speaker + terminal, whilst it's -ve terminal connects to Negative (Chassis if the stereo and vehicle are Negative earth.) Hope this helps.
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