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Default Re: Scrapyards to visit?

Not a scrap yard per-se but could have been easily mistaken for one in a passing glance, is Johnsons of Leeds (military surplus).

It must have been 10 years or so since I last visited but they had no issue with me climbing up on the tops of stillages to access the jumbled interiors.

I have had [redacted: stuff too potentially sensitive to mention these days], computers, [redacted], er.. what can I mention??

Also they had stillages full of circuit boards that I could take to extract the (collectable) chips off and bring them back sans-chip for a small fee.

The last time I visited the whole back / side area which was basically a free-for-all of computers, test equipment, cable, components etc had been cleared and turned into an airsoft (BB gun) battle area

In the same building ('Vulcan Foundry') was M&B Radio who had large stocks of test gear (I remember the back wall was full of Mullard HSVTs), components, PCBs, tapes, records (they used to clear BBC sites)... you name it, they had it.

Don't know what has happened to their physical presence there but I think they had moved out of the Stourton site when I visited last but still seem to have an eBay store.
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