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Smile BSR Monarch record spindle stuck

Hi everyone, I'm recomissioning a 1962 Decca RG150 Stereogram. I had one as a young lad. It's in lovely unmarked condition and I've now serviced/lubricated the BSR Monarch deck to cure the slow auto changer.

The record stacking spindle is stuck in place in the centre of the turntable and won't hold records as the pawl that supports the records is stuck "in".
From memory, the spindle should just pull out. Am I right?

It's stuck fast so I was going to use penetrating oil around its base and maybe heat from a heat gun to free it. I could always lift the deck and tap it from underneath.

The radio works well on both MW and LW and none of the rotary switches crackle after being used for a bit.

How do I date it? My sister seems to think that our dad bought his one new around 1962. Mine has the plastic badge with the word "Monarch" front, right of the deck but another RG150 that I have, doesn't. Which one is older?

Hoping someone can help me.

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