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Default Re: Mullard 5-10 amplifier

Originally Posted by Edward Huggins View Post
In Post#45 Terry speaks of the 5-10s "shortcomings". I dont know what shortcomings there really are - maybe the power supply could have used a Choke? Of course the mains and output transformers need to be of very good quality, but the unit was designed to give the best possible sound - esp. the UL version - from readily avaiable components and that could be built by a capable home constructor. I knew of the team that worked on this at Mullard House and their trials were exhaustive.

To clarify the comment, which looking at it again wasn’t that clear…

I certainly didn’t mean the 5-10 circuit and the good work of the Mullard engineers, of which I have total admiration, but it was more about the nature of Sterns kit per se.

The 5-10 intrigues me so much I’ve something like 10 or more different types, including some really nice home constructed 5-10's

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