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Default Re: UV Dry Film PCB technique - experiences to date.

RW- Iíve found a solution, and it's not ink based . Delving further into Express PCB, Iíve found that it's possible to set colours for things like corners etc. I've now made the colour for corners the same as for corners,top layer the same as for top layer tracks, and the holes have gone. It's even possible to set up a colour scheme to invert the layout on screen, but I've yet to find out if it will print this inverted scheme. Express say no ( and early experiments bear this out), but I wonder then if playing with the colour scheme in Express to give a negative design and then copying the design to something like PhotoDraw 2000 might give a printable design without any re sizing - one of the drawbacks I find with the likes of Paint, where resizing is done as a percentage of the larger size.
David- many thanks for the printer info- I'm using a Epson WF2010 ,which hasn't got an acetate setting, but has settings for glossy photo- I'll try those first. But the sheet is one designed to be used in an Inkjet .
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