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Default Re: UV Dry Film PCB technique - experiences to date.

Looking back at #1 ,where David said he used Paint to invert the colour. I use Express PCB for the PCB layout and found a Prntscr copy to Paint always gave produced a larger than life result- dimensions were odd percentages larger than the original and it was almost impossible to get the correct size of board . Then I remembered my Adobe Photo Shop Elements.
on Express PCB, I removed the screen print component values and then did a Print Screen copy to Adobe Photo shop Elements . Copy the image to a new page,and then use the Enhance /colour control to remove colour and change to greyscale. On the image/adjustments menu choose invert. On the enhance menu- set level of black /white/contrast to suite. Finally on the print preview, you can set the size of the printed image to within .01 " .
Than there's Microsoft Photodraw 2000. Similar process, but with this program, there's no dimension distortion , so all that's needed is to remove the colour , turn the result to grey scale and invert. Similar process with the balance of brightness and contrast.

David- I've found this place - 81QAAOxyEqNTlvT5
amongst the cheapest for artwork. However, I've just thought of baking greaseproof paper ,not unlike tracing paper . Might need a few extra minutes in the light box, but it's cheap.

NB- if using a PCB program with a visible grid to aid setting components- BEFORE doing a copy/printscreen, remove the grid ( Express PCB has a tick box to remove grid) , as it will show up on any copy .

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