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Default Re: Graetz Reichsgraf F161 TV Radio is it worth in this condition?

Hi to all,
Hi Normende,

If the seller is serious, he will accept to unscrew the back and take a few photos of the inside.
This will show you at least if the CRT is intact and that all the parts are there.
Get closeups of the Electron Gun & check that the silver Getter is OK.
If whitish, the CRT has gone down to air.
There is no chance the seller will have a CRT tester, so if you buy the TV, you take your chances.
Beginning 1950s rectangular CRTs are usually not rare. Graetz would probably use a Philips, Mullard, Telefunken or Valvo CRT (can be found in Germany).

BTW, wasn't very smart to "just plug it in" as-is on a 60 year old set. OK, you're lucky, the radio sort of works.

From your post, i deduct that the TV is in Argentina or elsewhere in South America. Offer to pay for premium packing and good double or triple box protection, it would be a shame to have a busted CRT arrive after a long trip. Any chance you could pick-up the TV yourself by car travel ?

On expensive sets that i had shipped from the US to Europe, i have asked the seller to remove the deflection yoke from the CRT neck & pack in the chassis with bubble wrap.
In the event of a sudden shock, the neck can snap off due to the yoke's weight & inertia.

I've travelled to Buenos-Aires in 2018, Beautiful city !

Good Luck with your project, tell us how it goes,

Best Regards

PS : you will need a VHF CCIR B/G modulator to make the TV work.

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