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Default Re: Auroras at Crowthorne Tubes

I think my Domino was the very last one built; the web-site had announced it 'no longer available', but an e-mail enquiry resulted in my getting one after all. 400 turned an academic interest into a real hobby.

I still use it, and in comparison with the Aurora I think it's slightly 'raggy' on fast pans & the like. Perfectly good for everyday use.

Can anyone enlighten me about an odd phenomenon concerning American DVDs and British players. My aurora 'can't see' the picture from a US DVD, but a British 625-line TV can. I suspect that the video-out signal from the DVD player is some intermediate, non-broadcast TV standard, not listed in 'World TV Standards', and that this standard is close enough for a 625 set to cope, but not an Aurora.

Am I anywhere close, and if so, is an Aurora available for it?

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