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Default Re: Restuffing Dual Electrolytic Can Capacitor

Originally Posted by DonaldStott View Post
Thanks to UB and Mike for your responses - I was becoming a bit concerned about the lack of feedback.

@Uncle Bulgaria - I had contemplated using the technique you suggest but felt that my dowel approach gave me greater control and didn't leave me with an annoying hole in the middle. At all times I"m eager to stress that I'm not putting forward the methods I used as 'best practice' in any way! I'm simply describing the approach I took to the challenges of restuffing a dual electrolytic can capacitor.

@telstar - I've now replaced the smoothing and reservoir capacitors in several valve radios and 1960's record turntables. On most occasions it's been possible to connect the replacements to a new tag strip mounted under the chassis and out of sight - often leaving the original can in place. This time round I thought I'd have a go at restuffing as I had a spare can from another set and, partly, to see see how difficult it could be? In addition the Bush DAC10 has the large tuning unit under the chassis so not much space there!

The 450V replacement caps I used were Rubycon Electrolytic Capacitor, Miniatures from Farnell as recommended by Forum member David G4EBT. Three of these will fit inside a standard Bush can although only two were required for the current restuffing - see the next Stage coming up soon!
Hi Good to hear that you have some results. I have another similar project with the Alba 461 radio (3 capacitors in one can, where only the reservoir capacitor does not measure leaky)
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