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Default Re: What is a Success Story?

To me, a success story in the context of "Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration" is the repair to working order and functionality - electrical and cosmetic - of a piece of vintage equipment that at first sight seemed to be a lost cause. I would also include equipment that hasn't suffered as much from the ravages of time but has been fixed by someone like myself who has limited experience.

How does one define originality? A radio or telephone for example didn't leave the factory with a coating of rust and the proud owner of a new radio may well have polished the cabinet until it gleamed. I don't think a 1950's repairman would have fixed a 1930's radio using resistors and capacitors from the 1930's.

If equipment has been part of an historical event and shows the effects of having been then it should be left as is but with something commonplace like a Bush DAC90A for instance, I don't see a problem in having it nice and shiny especially if it's going to live in the home and be used regularly.

Having said that, with my limited experience of vintage electrical equipment I would love to see photographs and write-ups of more unusual items whether restored or not.

It speaks volumes for the members and moderators of this forum that elsewhere this would have degenerated into a slanging match by now


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