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Default Re: What is a Success Story?

Whilst this discussion about the merits (or not) of conservation in its wider aspects is interesting, I think we should largely restrict ourselves to how it applies to posts #3 and #7 of this thread made by Chris that actually started us all off.

Chris was in fact talking more about keeping 'originality' to a set, he even emphasised the word in capitals, rather than conservation. Specifically, he was referring to a 1950s Chinese bakelite radio in his collection that he stated; "This radio is far better left exactly as it is - rust and all." I take that to mean, keep completely untouched in the condition he acquired it.

So in my opinion, the Success Stories section isn't the appropriate place to report on it since no work of any kind has been performed on the set, or indeed is there any intention of any work being carried out in the future. That description also fits every set acquired by any forum member before getting it on to the bench. Just obtaining a set and having it in your collection is not a success story (with reference to the forum section) in its self.

However, I see no reason why Chris shouldn't be able to report on his Chinese set, showing images and a description regarding it. I should think that most members would appreciate seeing such a little known set.

In the absence of a dedicated section for such sets (which I don't advocate the creation of), I believe the 'General Vintage Technolgy Discussion' section would seem the most appropriate place out of the existing forum sections.


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