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Default Re: A few fusing questions on UK gear here in the US

Hi Chris, I take it from your posting that you are running UK equipment through a transformer from US mains stepped up to 240V. If this is correct then a fuse fitted in the 13A plug would "see" UK conditions.

The (bad) thinking in the UK is that 13A plug = 13A fuse, WRONG. Depending on the appliance that is connected and it's cable size it may have as low as a 1A fuse fitted.
1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10A fuses are available in the UK. They are often of an HRC construction and as far as I know are not available with a time delay curve.

For most practical purposes you should be able to use a 2 or 3A plug fuse to give good protection without fuse blowing on surges.

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