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Default Re: Philips N1500 Drum Cord.

Hi John,
Thanks for that. I've been watching g his videos on YouTube regarding the n1500 and n1700 restorations, interesting stuff.

Just an update on it, I connected it to a different TV via rf and there is actually picture and sound output! I've been watching an ancient recording of some rubbish American film complete with continuity from the BBC and Pebble Mill at one.
I've made a test recording and all the colours are there etc but I think the servos are playing up a bit as the speed slows down and speeds up a bit. It could be the tape I've got though as it looks very well used. When I get the other tapes this week I'll try it again.

I'll search through those posts to find mention of that darn threading cord and possibly message the chap to ask his advice.

Thanks again, John. I'll let the board know the results. Fingers crossed I can get it working 100%.

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